Back to co-work in Office in the Woods

Well, I’ve been traveling for 3 years now and time has come to work again.
But I don’t want to be stuck in an office and to have this dull routine from Monday to Friday.

I want to choose my own working time and place. I want to spend more time outdoors in the mountain preferably. To re-connect with the nature.

And here I am, back to Bulgaria, I found the best place or shall I call it a retreat?

Office in the woods – high in the mountain, awesome views, fresh air. Where you can breathe,




and exhale,

and re-connect with yourself. Forget about the hassle in the city, about the strict schedule, dress in pajamas, eat organic food, breathe, walk, relax, connect.

Delicious Rhodopes specialities


Or cycle 😀 Wow, cycling around Mechi Chal is soooo awesome you can’t miss it. The Rhodopes mountain is superb and warn you – it is not flat. It’s either uphill, or downhill. True.

Cycle with friends

Or practice yoga, or maybe pain[t]ball to build the team. Have awesome time to connect with your colleagues.

Be more productive. Because you are focused.

Views from Mechi Chal, Chepelare

And in the summer there are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries so delicious you would fight a bear for your rights to eat berries.

Wild strawberries
Cheers to Office in the Woods






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