Nepal – the birthplace of yoga

Namaste, dear friends! I am back from a 40 days trip in Nepal which realized two of my dreams – practice yoga and hike in the Himalayas. Lovely start of 2018! Returned as a certified yoga teacher I was following Nepal Yoga Academy for almost 3 years but I had no time to go there […]

Memories from SE Asia – Part 2

In part 2: not everything goes as expected when travelling… lessons learned – always keep backup of your photos how to hitchhike a boat diving the huge Japanese ships from WWII Mt Pinatubo – my second volcano setting foot in Taiwan – little and diverse 🙂 here is the link to Part 1 – Memories […]

Climbing Mt Rinjani 3726m

First rays of light when the wind slows down and you feel the warming power of the Sun. At 3726m. Woke up at 3 am to start the attempt, no head lamps, only the big Moon. The big mountain and you. And the stars. I am speechless. The direction is only one – up. Inhale, […]

Kite surfing in the Philippines IKO level 1

One of the highlights of my second visit to the Philippines was the kite surf training led by my dear friends PCKA – Pacifica Coast Kiteboarding Academy. All of them are IKO certified instructors and quite skilled kitesurfers from Manila. They race and recently opened their new school PCKA in General Nakar, Quezon Province,  Luzon, Philippines. […]

Memories from a 4 months trip around South East Asia

Have you ever dreamed of travelling without a plan and having 4 months to fulfill your dream. Well, I haven’t. It sounded too good to be true and to happen to me. And that’s why that soon became my favorite vacation and way of travel. No plan, no expectations, no hurry. Just enjoying the way. DEC […]

Adventurous in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is the hidden gem of the Arabian peninsula. Its history dates back to the Stone age, it’s influenced by three Persian dynasties, then colonized by the Portuguese but fought back to establish very strong Omani empire extending the territory to the Swahili coast in Africa and moving the capital city to Zanzibar. […]

Traveler On Stage

I just participated in a very inspiring event called Traveler On Stage. It was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and it gathered me, 7 avid travelers and each of us shared their extraordinary adventures in just a 6 minutes presentation consisting of 18 slides changing automatically in 20 seconds. It’s super dynamic. It’s super inspiring. It’s super eye-opening. In […]

6 Reasons to visit UAE during Ramadan

I’ve been to U.A.E. many times but this time it was my first visit during Ramadan. Many people told me it’s not worth going there – you are not allowed to drink and eat in public areas during the day, you get served alcohol only after 9pm, bars are closed, no loud music,  etc. I wasn’t […]

Fresh from the market

Today on the way back to Dubai we stopped at the fish market in Ajman. It was just after the prayer. We quickly chose the fish then we saw people unloading 2 fisherman’s boats. Loaded with fish – fish from the sea around Musandam. People started to gather – traders, merchants, some public, me and my […]

Dubai for free

Dubai is a dream destination for many people and indeed is quite interesting to visit and to experience. But recently it has become an expensive city. With this article I want to share with you what you can do and see in Dubai for free 🙂 The given list is not ordered in any specific way, […]