Kite surfing in the Philippines IKO level 1

One of the highlights of my second visit to the Philippines was the kite surf training led by my dear friends PCKA – Pacifica Coast Kiteboarding Academy. All of them are IKO certified instructors and quite skilled kitesurfers from Manila. They race and recently opened their new school PCKA in General Nakar, Quezon Province,  Luzon, Philippines. […]

Memories from a 4 months trip around South East Asia

Have you ever dreamed of travelling without a plan and having 4 months to fulfill your dream. Well, I haven’t. It sounded too good to be true and to happen to me. And that’s why that soon became my favorite vacation and way of travel. No plan, no expectations, no hurry. Just enjoying the way. DEC […]

Traveler On Stage

I just participated in a very inspiring event called Traveler On Stage. It was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and it gathered me, 7 avid travelers and each of us shared their extraordinary adventures in just a 6 minutes presentation consisting of 18 slides changing automatically in 20 seconds. It’s super dynamic. It’s super inspiring. It’s super eye-opening. In […]