Top 10 things to do in Plovdiv 2019

Ancient Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv

“This is the biggest and loveliest of all cities. Its beauty shines from faraway.” Lucian (Roman writer) In 2019 Plovdiv was chosen to be the European capital of culture. And that is not a coincidence – it is chosen for a reason (many reasons). But let’s first try to answer what is Plovdiv? Most of […]

Back to co-work in Office in the Woods

Well, I’ve been traveling for 3 years now and time has come to work again. But I don’t want to be stuck in an office and to have this dull routine from Monday to Friday. I want to choose my own working time and place. I want to spend more time outdoors in the mountain […]

Travelers to Sofia – hangout with me

Author: Vladimir who was asked to write an article about his favorite places in Sofia. Enjoy!   Hey guys, there are so many things to do in Sofia that you can get overwhelmed reading articles and forget to go out and actually do something 😀 Well, not exactly true, but I want to invite you […]

My favorite places in Sofia

София is the capital of Bulgaria since 1879. It is the second oldest city in Europe. Its history dates back to at least 7000 BCE. Still preserved are the ruins from the Thracian period when the name of the city was Serdika after a Thracian tribe established a settlement. You can also visit the neolithic village in […]