Chapter Two – In no man’s land between Mozambique and Swaziland

Sisters in Swaziland

Difficulties to get a stamp from Swaziland but well worth it.

But sometimes is quite difficult to get a stamp…

Having traveled in Mozambique with my sister for 3 weeks, we decided to visit Swaziland on our way back to South Africa. And there started our adventure: in the Swaziland’s consulate in Mozambique. 😉 ai ai

When we reached the Mozambique-Swaziland border and exited from Mozambique we were surprisingly but politely informed that now we can’t enter Swaziland. We needed visas!?

And suddenly we were between two borders, in the so called no man’s land:

  • We couldn’t go back to Mozambique because we had “single-entry” visas
  • We couldn’t cross to Swaziland because we didn’t have visas

I was imagining how we gonna stay in the no man’s land forever or even being held in prison.

We were literally on the black line between Mozambique and Swaziland and not allowed to move to any of them

But we are girls 😀 blonde girls 😀 my sister has curly hair 😀 We went back to Mozambique’s border and quite politely asked to be allowed to enter back and we promised that we will never say anything to anyone. And the border officials allowed us by marking our exit from Mozambique as invalid (aka meaning we have never exited Mozambique ;)) That’s what I call success in a difficult situation.

But the difficulties continued. We had to drive 3 long and dark hours back to the capital Maputo and to apply for visas to Swaziland: which is not so straightforward.

But all the trouble was worth! We had discovered the little African gem called Swaziland.

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