Dubai for free

Dubai is a dream destination for many people and indeed is quite interesting to visit and to experience. But recently it has become an expensive city. With this article I want to share with you what you can do and see in Dubai for free 🙂

Overlooking Downtown Dubai – an engineering masterpiece!

The given list is not ordered in any specific way, and I hope you will find some useful tips. And I will update this article every time there is a new free activity. Your comments are appreciated!

So let me start with my favorite activity – playing beach volleyball at Kite beach.

    And I will offer you this kind of grouping of the places to see and to visit in Dubai:

    1. for sports lovers

    Dubai offers a lot of places where you can practice your favorite sports – either outdoors or indoors. When I’m in Dubai I go for a run usually around the lake in The Greens, or Al Barsha Pond park, or on the running track on Palm Jumeirah.

    2. a day on the beach

    My favorite public beaches are: Kite surf beach (because there are 4 volleyball courts and a running track), the Secret beach 😉 because there are not a lot of people and the JBR beach.

    3. outdoor activities

    Walk, run, meet friends, do a barbecue – the park is your friend! My favorite parks are: Safa park, Al Barsha pond park, Creek park, the park in The Greens.


    You have to experience the ladies night in Dubai. Most of the clubs are packed! Usually it happens on Tuesday but sometimes throughout the week when ladies and sometimes guys joining them, can get loads of free drinks and free party. 🙂 Cheers!

    Tip: You can check TimeOut Dubai to see what’s on and when.


    Generally I don’t like shopping malls but I make an exception for the mall in Dubai because they offer a lot more: aquariums, fountains, skiing, ice-skating, cinemas, or interesting architecture as in Ibn Battuta mall.


    Anywhere you go you marvel at the engineering masterpieces. A must-see are: Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, The World, Dubai Marina, the creek and Dubai Miracle Gardens!

    7. PEOPLE

    What is truly unique about Dubai is that you can meet people from all around the world in just one bar. The atmosphere is amazing, very tolerant and respectful. This is something unique Dubai can be proud of!

    I really hope you enjoy your time there! 🙂




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    1. Thanks to a friend who reminded me that i forgot to include the free ladies nights in dubai when the ladies get loads of free drinks and the party is awesome!

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