Fresh from the market

Today on the way back to Dubai we stopped at the fish market in Ajman. It was just after the prayer. We quickly chose the fish then we saw people unloading 2 fisherman’s boats. Loaded with fish – fish from the sea around Musandam.
People started to gather – traders, merchants, some public, me and my sister. Workers took out baskets full of fish, sorted by type and size, and spread it in columns on the ground.

The bidding can start now

Once the 4x6m area is all covered and set up, the traders and merchants go in that area and start to bid. A local man from Ajman is leading the bidding. All is happening very fast: a trader bids on one row, gives the money, workers load the buy in a cart, new baskets from the boats get offloaded and spread on the empty rows, and on and on…

A successful purchase



Many traders from Dubai come to the fish market in Ajman because the fish is cheaper. Then selling it in the fish market in Dubai.


The boat spends approximately 10 days at sea and the fish is kept on ice. January and February is the high season for fishing (plenty of fish) but it’s a low season for the traders (lower prices).

Take a photo of him 🙂 – happy traders who just bought enough fish
Catch of the day. Traders are bidding.



Following are the videos I took from there:


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