Kite surfing in the Philippines IKO level 1

One of the highlights of my second visit to the Philippines was the kite surf training led by my dear friends PCKA – Pacifica Coast Kiteboarding Academy.

All of them are IKO certified instructors and quite skilled kitesurfers from Manila. They race and recently opened their new school PCKA in General Nakar, Quezon Province,  Luzon, Philippines.

Just 3 hours drive from Manila. The place is superb – black sand, huge beach, no corals, perfect sunsets. And a nearby river where you can practice with the board.

Perfect beach

How the training goes?

  1. Start with a perfect home made breakfast
    1. Good home made breakfast

  2. Have a beer 😉
  3. Some basics and theory of SEA – Spot, Environment, Activity:
    1. Holding, carrying and securing a kite on land;  Kite set up;
    2. Safety systems use;
    3. First piloting and explore the wind window’s edge; Let go of the bar;
    4. Wind window theory;
    5. Where is my kite? Practice all the time!
  4. Have a beer 😉
  5. Go to water
    1. Enter and exit the water while controlling the kite; Water relaunch;
    2. Love this view
  6. Have a beer 😉
  7. Practice some other sports
    1. I am good at shooting
  8. Continue with the course:
    1. Side body-drag with 2 hands; Body-drag with power stroke on both sides
    2. Can’t get enough of this view
  9. Have a beer 😉
  10. Go back to water
    1. Body-drag upwind, Body-drag with the board; Self-rescue
    2. Dragon with big wings
  11. Have two beers 😉 Congrats! You achieved Intermediate level!
    1. Wander and learn is now a kitesurfer

  12. Party
    1. Party till you drop
  13. Repeat

    Take me back to shred


Thank you Toti, Jack and Rei. Love you!





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    Check out this drone video from General Nakar. Fantastic!!!

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