My favorite places in Sofia

София is the capital of Bulgaria since 1879. It is the second oldest city in Europe.

Its history dates back to at least 7000 BCE. Still preserved are the ruins from the Thracian period when the name of the city was Serdika after a Thracian tribe established a settlement. You can also visit the neolithic village in Slatina, dating to the 5th–6th millennium BC.

Sofia is one of the top 10 best places for start-up business in the world, especially in the IT technologies and is Europe’s most affordable capital to visit as of 2013.

The motto of the city is “grows, but does not age“.

Sofia is very lively and is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain (Vitosha’s highest peak is 2 290 m).


Sofia – photo by Boriana Vutova photography



Halbite ( –  is a chain of beer houses offering the best selection of beers in Bulgaria, both imported and locally made. I usually go to Halbite on Malkite 5 kiosheta (72 Neofit Rilski Str.)

Luciano Beer House (link) – it’s a smelly pub offering one of my favorite live beers HBH and it’s located at Slaveikov square.

Ale House ( – in the city center underground (I think it’s in an ex-bomb shelter), where you have a beer-tap on every table which allows you to pour as much as you like not having to wait for the waiters. Live music in the weekend nights.

Kanaal ( – pricey hipsters bar offering craft beer. Not a single time I remember going out of it sober.



National Theater “Ivan Vazov” – I adore the building, I love the garden in front, very lively place, from young bikers drinking beers to elders playing chess.

South Park – my favorite park in Sofia, renovated in 2015, with a lot of lakes and ducks swimming inside.

The Russian church St. Nikolay – in the crypt is the tomb of Saint Archbishop (чудотворец) Serafim Sobolev. Many people visit the crypt to leave their wishes written on a sheet of paper with the hope them become true. A must do!

Spring in the city – photo by Yoan Mitov,

Vitoshka street – renovated pedestrian street with many cafes, restaurants and shops, street performances in the night, beautiful view of Vitosha mountain.

Cafe Memento – the best espresso in town and a bar in the night. It’s a chain but my favourite is on Vitoshka street. I used to work 8 years near this cafe.



Traditional Bulgarian breakfast “Banichka s boza” – translates as “a pastry with white cheese and a fermented wheat drink called boza”. You can have such in many places all over Bulgaria. One of my favorite is on Solunska Street (from Vitoshka street towards Slaveikov square after apprx. 60m on the right side).

Birraria Niky ( – a beer garden and a restaurant at Hotel Niky, Sofia offering good variety of Bulgarian and international dishes for a good price. Also serving my favorite live beer HBH.

Skara Bar ( – a restaurant chain offering traditional Bulgarian meatballs called kiyufteta and the long variants called kebabcheta made of certified meat served with really tasty french fries and liutenitza.

Background ( – on Vitosha street a bit pricey restaurant serving delicious dishes. Try the St. Jacques scallops.


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