Traveler On Stage

I just participated in a very inspiring event called Traveler On Stage.

It was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and it gathered me, 7 avid travelers and each of us shared their extraordinary adventures in just a 6 minutes presentation consisting of 18 slides changing automatically in 20 seconds.

It’s super dynamic.

It’s super inspiring.

It’s super eye-opening.

In just one hour the awesome public heard 8 completely different, awkward, funny stories told by ordinary (and relatively normal :D) people.



Alex – went surfing and found the love of his life and married her.
Bistra – followed the locals off-the-beaten-path in Kenya!
Daceto – made her uncomfort zone the most comfortable thing in the world! Off to the US and yet another amazing journey.
Denitsa – gave an advise when travelling do what the locals do, don’t go on those stupid guided excursions.
Dimitar – shared his amazing adventure in Nepal.
The guy who met a girl who gives 0 fucks and both improved their skills at “Bitching Ailyak”
Daria – she seems relatively normal until you hear her amazing adventures around South America, hitchhiking solo and mastering her Kundalini energy!


Before the event the organizers requested everyone to send the narrative of their story. Yep, sure! and we had many meetings for rehearsals. But I was busy or to be honest – lazy. And I didn’t practice at all. Here is what happened on the stage. And I’m publishing the script so you know what I actually wanted to say. 😀


The original Script

  1. My name is Irina. Tonight I’m here to share with you some stories which happened in the last 2,5 years. During this full-time travel I managed to overcome some of my fears, I met awesome and inspiring people, discovered parts of this beautiful world and learned some lessons.
  2. Lessons which shaped my life now. And I’m happy I chased my dream and not the comfort and the money. The story begins trivial – quitting my 9-6 software developer job in Bulgaria. I first went to see my sister and the journey began with a
  3. Visit to Mauritius. This is an amazing African country, no visas, no rain period, 24degrees average temperature. And there I learned how to swim! I’ve always tried without success until I overcame the fear of drowning. I felt super-human. A new world opened for me.
  4. But you always have to know when to stop. After this trip a joined a friend of mine and set off to California for 2 weeks. US is a place everyone should visit at least once. So we went to Las Vegas and I won something like 50 usd playing poker. Because I stopped on time.
  5. And then my friend didn’t want to join me in a trip to the Grand Canyon. That’s how I did my first solo trip in Utah, first time driving automatic and when I stopped at Flagstaff I was freezing, I never knew that in the canyon could be so freezing cold. Went to a small bar, met people to play an awesome American game – shuffleboard, played the jukebox. Hiked alone the canyon meeting likeminded people from all around the world.
  6. Back to Orange county I decided I want to visit San Francisco and there I am booking a flight the next day, booking in a hostel for the first time. Exploring the city надлъж и нашир, met IT people (of course! we are in the Silicon Valley), but the Sonoma valley is better ;D and off to go back to Bulgaria.
  7. “Unfortunately“ the flights were all booked so I had to stay 5 days again alone. And I met one French guy and we decided let’s go to the Canyon. Here we are, the Bulgarian, the French and his American friend, road tripping, having awesome time together, hiking the canyon south to north rim and swimming in the Colorado river, a squirrel stealing our last food. 😀 Me driving all night so 8am we appear in Las Vegas again. Wash the dirt, put on a dress and gamble again 😀
  8. My new mantra – double vodka redbull. Completely broken but finally made 150 usd J Back to Bulgaria and going straight to the seaside with a friend. Repeating the mantra “double vodka redbull” together, opening and closing the bars.
  9. Gradina is a magical place! Due to the awesome maintenance by the concessioner you can see it flooded at least once a year. This time after pouring rain we lost one Pegeout car in the flood, I called 112 being afraid we can drown but we survived. The photo is taken 3 days after the flood, the truth is this “car” has better прогодимост than the Pegeout.
  10. Late summer I did a trip to Oman. I really didn’t expect this country has so many things to offer – better climate than UAE, more honest Muslim people. You can see falcons, wild goats, whales, dolphins and turtles! I was there when the green turtles were laying eggs and baby turtles hatching. So unbelievable and memorable sleeping in a tent on the beach, seeing a turtle dig and then lays her eggs, the small babies flapping towards the waves. <3
  11. From the small babies to the gentle giants of the sea – the whale sharks in Donsol, Philippines. We swam with 7 sharks, 3 times I was swimming opposite the shark, the plankton itching your skin, my heart was pumping, choking with water but managed to touch it. The interaction with the whale sharks was an amazing experience.
  12. The next logical step was to learn to dive. We did it in Koh Tao, Thailand and it wasn’t easy. I was banned I surfaced twice too quickly, but my boyfriend stayed with me and I managed to take the Open Water certificate. And then I pursued the Advanced – worth every moment. This is a new world.
  13. Then we went to dive the second-biggest reef in the world – the Apo reef in the Philippines. Saw many white-tip sharks, turtles, huge coral walls. And hitchhiked a boat to Coron. We stayed 2 days at Apo reef island where the rangers sleep and waited for a boat, sleeping under the stars, enjoying the white-sand beach, seeing the sunset from the lighthouse!
  14. And another amazing thing we did together was to climb 3726m mount in Indonesia and swim (naked) in the crater lake. We spent 3 days climbing first the rim, seeing amazing sunset over Lombok, the Gilis islands like tea drops and the Bali’s volcano – Batur. Then going down off the peak was amazing – like skiing, and down in the valley – pouring rain washing my shoes.
  15. Back to civilization on the way to Japan we stayed in Taipei. What amazed me there are the people – Taiwanese people are very polite. So many things to see on the island. We went to public hot springs to bathe – very interesting experience, several pools some of which with 46degrees hot water. Tip: better go to mixed hot spring baths otherwise you have to be naked.
  16. Japan
  17. That brings me to the end of my journey. Low on money but high on emotions. Found the love of my life and trying to start our life together in Bulgaria. Planning a trip together with him and my sister to south of Africa for a month – in a chase for the big 5 of the savanna and the big 5 of the ocean.
  18. Back to programming, started blogging, now trying to start up my own business, to change my lifestyle so I can continue traveling, and most importantly to find the balance and continue collecting moments 🙂


PS: If you want to see what the other travelers shared with the public please see here:





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