Travelers to Sofia – hangout with me

Author: Vladimir who was asked to write an article about his favorite places in Sofia. Enjoy!


Hey guys,

there are so many things to do in Sofia that you can get overwhelmed reading articles and forget to go out and actually do something 😀 Well, not exactly true, but I want to invite you to hangout at some of the usual places I would go when I’m staying in the city and not wandering around 🙂

Borisova Garden (Borisova gradina)

Typical spot for locals to go for sports – run, ride a bike, play table tennis or just get a beer with friends under the shade of the trees.  If you are on the search for a nice event you can always check Maymunarnika – an open air bar where a lot of musical events are happening during the summer.

National theater

As Irina also mentioned in her post:, the garden in front of the National Theater is a special place. Very beautiful and very lively, located in the city center it’s a perfect place to take a rest and do some people watching … go ahead and meet someone, you will be amazed how open minded the people are here.

Krystal Garden

Another garden…well, since right now we are in the beginning of the summer you can see I’m stressing more on the outdoor locations but that’s what I actually prefer – go outside, on foot or with my bike and just enjoy the weather, meet friends, chat, laugh … the simple things in life 🙂


The garden of Krystal


Vitamin B

Ok, ok, here is one place for the beer lovers out there. With large assortment of imported and locally brewed beer this is the perfect place to end the evening. Or start it … especially if there is a event in Terminal I club just opposite of the bar, where a lot of cool events are happening. Anytime of the week 😉

 Switch bar

Old place with new owners (and new name) who succeeded to create amazing vibe there. Worth checking out.


And here is a tip for the people who like to do a little more workout…

Pancharevo lake

Head south-east, not far from the ring road of Sofia and go to Pancharevo lake – there you can rent a kayak or take one of the paths that goes around the lake. The view is stunning!

Pancharevo lake and Vitosha mountain in the background


Well guys, for sure not extensive list but these are some of the locations that I love to hang out. Get your summer mood and maybe meet you somewhere there.





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