WizzAir, you don’t do business like that! :(

Dear WizzAir,

I know you try to sell your seats for as much as possible but you lie to your customers and that’s not how you do business and retain us!

My complaint is for your so called “20% off every seat booked on XX date” promotion for Wizz Discount Club members.

On 31.03.2016 you had this promotion “20% off every seat booked only on 31 March” valid for Wizz Discount Club members which I was.

So I booked this flight on 31.03.2016:

Munich – Sofia, flight date 8th May 2016, Fare price 71.99 EUR, Discount -14.40 EUR, Admin Fee 8 EUR, Total to pay 65.59 EUR

Today 27.04.2016 the same flight costs 49.99 EUR and because I’m still Wizz Discount Club member, the price is 39.99 EUR!

Meaning I could have bought the flight today and I would have saved 25.60 EUR!!!

So actually your so called “promotion” could be called a scam because:

I can buy the same flight later and cheaper: today I buy it for 39,99 (or 49,99) and on 31st March I bought it during promotion for 65.59 EUR! Well, thank you! 🙁

Which means I can call your promotion a real scam! Yes, this is called a scam, a fake promotion, a fake lead of customers to buy something actually much more expensive than they can buy later without any promotion!

This is not the way to do business!



A snapshot of my invoice for the flight Munich-Sofia for a total cost for one passenger of 65,59 EUR bought on 31.03.2016
A screenshot of today’s price of the same flight for 49,99 (or 39,99 EUR) total cost per passenger. You can notice the computer date today is 27.04.2016!


PS: And do you know why I’m so angry?! I’m not so angry with you, WizzAir, but of me, because this is not the first time I fooled myself booking on a special promotion date of 20% discount. Shame on me!

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